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Office Closed December 2017

Please be advised that our offices will be closed from Monday 18th December to Tuesday 2nd January 2018 inclusive.

Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

We wish all our pupils and parents a happy and relaxing holiday break.

Group Newsletter 24 - Michaelmas 2017

Our Group of Schools Newsletter contains 'snippets' of news from this term.

For more information please scan please through our websites.

Please note our Petrean Events Calendar on the back page. 

Giraffe Translocation to Gosho Park 2017

The planning and paperwork has taken three years but at last we have a new male giraffe in Gosho Park. These beautiful animals are so graceful and yet can be very comical when they turn and stare at people - children are fascinated by them and they are a wonderful topic for a lesson.

The capture from Imire Game Park went very smoothly and he was soon on his way in a huge lorry (not with his head sticking out the top! - He was safely inside). We had to use the top service gate because our Peterhouse Girls trees meet over the road and the vehicle was too tall. Once in the park, a ramp was put down for him to walk out into his new home - he galloped off a few meters and then turned and starred around him wondering…. Where am I?

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