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Mostly Sunny
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Nursery School Dairy Visit 2017

Our Peterhouse Nursery School children were full of excitement as they got to experience a school trip to the local dairy.

The children lined up and asked the bus driver if they were climbing on to the ‘right bus’ to the dairy – once confirmed, they each handed in their ‘bus pass’ which had a picture of a cow on the front – because that’s what you use to travel to the dairy!

It was a short drive down the road and the children were so excited to see the cows as we approach the dairy.

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Peterhouse Nursery School Bubble Play 2017

Bubbles are a great thing to use when playing with kids and it is usually done once a week. Not only is bubble play an easy way to have fun but it’s a way to work on a number of developmental skills.

Bubble play can develop fine motor skills as the children can pop the bubbles in a number of different ways such as poke them with an index finger, squeezing them with the whole hand or using two hands to clap the bubbles. Bubble play also helps to develop visual tracking skills and good hand eye coordination.

In group play children can take turns at keeping personal space between their bodies so they don’t bump into or knock each other over as well as extreme movements of reaching up as high as possible, jumping, squatting and running.

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